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A passion for good, wholesome cooking, rooted in tradition and using just a few simple, genuine ingredients: this is the philosophy of the Cremonesi family, whose expertise revolves around authentic, tasty food.

“The quality chain shouldn’t stop with the producer: it should stretch right to the table”

This has been the founding principle of Riseria Cremonesi since way back in 1951, springing from the family’s love of the land and its products, where all the secrets of its experience lie. Founded by Egidio Evelino Cremonesi, Riseria Cremonesi is synonymous with outstanding quality, partly thanks to the on-going technological research aimed at boosting the nutritional values of rice as it used to be enjoyed. This is a company that believes in what it does, led today by Tommaso Cremonesi, who continues to cultivate his family’s craftsmanship and enthusiasm, enhancing it with the training obtained from a Degree in Agriculture.
Tradition, innovation and enthusiasm: these are the values that turn the raw material into a selection of top-quality Italian rice varieties, widely known and popular on the market.

The vocation of the company, located in Bovolone, is to produce rice of sublime quality, making it one of the most outstanding businesses in the Verona area.


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Riseria Cremonesi
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